Crane Launches New Business for Authentication

November 2020

Crane Currency, a market leader in banknote paper, print and features, is expanding its footprint into brand protection with the launch of a new business unit, Crane Authentication, and a portfolio of label products based on its micro-optics technology.

The technology utilises micro lenses to project a magnified version of microscopic finely printed images, causing them to appear hundreds of times larger than their actual size. The effect is one of dramatic movement of the magnified, 3D, images in a direction perpendicular to the angle of tilt – a counter-intuitive effect that is both easy to recognise and visually engaging.

When Crane acquired the right to the technology from its inventors, Nanoventions, in 2008, it inherited a major brand contract with a leading label converter to protect ink consumables. Although this continues, Crane did not pursue further brand protection opportunities, focusing instead on developing the technology for the banknote market – initially for threads, but now for surface-applied stripes as well.

The version of its technology now being offered for brand protection offers what the company terms ‘superior 3D effects with unsurpassed detail and depth’, which have independent movement across multiple axes of tilt to provide intuitive and engaging visual effects in all lighting conditions.

The labels are also compatible with traditional brand protection features, support security inks as well as track and trace and taggants, and will be available with heat-disruptable and tamper-evident constructions.

The labels business – including design, operations, development and customer support – will be run out the company’s R&D facility in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is likely to be expanded. Crane will not be undertaking the conversion of the material to labels, working with preferred partners instead. Target markets include ‘high-end’ critical infrastructure products such as high precision components, as well as the health and safety sectors.

‘Our technology already protects hundreds of millions of branded products every year. The introduction of Crane Authentication marks a new strategic focus to expand our business and increase the use of 3D security labels on even more high-value products and brands,’ commented Tod Niedeck, Corporate Marketing Director, Crane Currency.

More information and examples of labels incorporating the micro-optics technology can be found at

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