Nanotech Launches LiveOptik PROTECT Security Foil

March 2021

Nanotech Security Corp, developers of secure and visually memorable nano-optic security features for the government, banknote and brand protection sectors, has announced the launch of LiveOptik PROTECT– a security foil designed specifically for the brand protection industry.

According to the company, LiveOptik PROTECT foil features a seamless, uniquely secure, photorealistic lock design that engages consumers while protecting the brand. The security foil has been designed with input from channel partners and is offered as an in-stock wallpaper design in a bulk roll format. Channel partners can easily convert the foils into various finished offerings and market them directly to their customer base. Custom designs are also available.

Containing up to 16 million distinct colours, LiveOptik PROTECT images are based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik platform, a patented visual technology that utilises nano-optics one tenth the size of traditional holographic structures to create next generation overt security features. In addition to multi-colour, the effects include 3D depth, movement, image and on-off switches without the need for inks or dyes. 

‘Our new LiveOptik PROTECT security foil was designed with direct input from some of the brand market’s leading authorities’, commented Nanotech President and CEO Troy Bullock. ‘Its vivid image switch effect provides unparalleled security for companies looking to protect their brand and the bulk roll format enables channel partners to seamlessly add LiveOptik PROTECT foil to their customer offerings. Initial discussions with channel partners are very encouraging and we anticipate orders this year.’

The security foil is broadly supported across a wide range of material substrates and application processes, including overprinting, high-strength adhesives, and tamper-evident materials. LiveOptik PROTECT was intentionally designed for easy integration and maximum flexibility, says Nanotech. It is also highly durable with chemical resistance, delamination resistance, water resistance, and scuff resistance.

To support the launch of LiveOptik PROTECT, Nanotech has published a White Paper entitled ‘Using Nano-Optics to Create a New Highly Secure Brand Protection Solution’. The White Paper can be downloaded here. Alternately, contact 

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