NFC Blockchain Technology to Connect Digital Data with Physical Item

April 2021

Infineon and DIGISEQ have joined forces to use Infineon’s SECORA Blockchain NFC technology to identify and verify physical items, in a move designed to tackle the challenges of product substitution and supply chain transparency.

At present, blockchain is already used to provide a mechanism to prove the provenance of scarce or limited-edition goods. However, such processes often rely upon the public trust in the manufacturer and third-party handlers of a product.

Even when vetting processes are put in place to clear contributors, sources for blockchain data are often dependent on data carriers like QR codes, which can be highly prone to replication or fraud. It is challenging to check if no substitution of the product occurred at any point of transfer, or if the product is truthfully as scarce as it is claimed to be.

Infineon’s and DIGISEQ’s joint project looks to bind the physical item to its digital identity and footprint, allowing an instantaneous authentication system to determine the validity of goods throughout their lifetimes. SECORA Blockchain enables the connection between the physical item and the blockchain, which enhances blockchain setups.

The SECORA Blockchain device contains a crypto-enabled NFC chip. It can effectively store the private key to sign transactions on the blockchain.

Such a security controller is able to protect secret keys from logical and physical attacks, protecting the system from unauthorised data.

As project partner, DIGISEQ will provide the system with over-the-internet data-delivery capability. It allows unique secured identity data to be delivered into the chips, which are physically embedded into the individual items. Item-level data will be configured to flow into the blockchain ledger automatically.

This will work hand-in-hand with blockchain technology, which allows for transaction and exchange data to be encrypted and securely stored within a distributed ledger throughout the item lifetime.

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