PragmatIC Semiconductor Secures $80 Million Funding

October 2021


PragmatIC Semiconductor, a world leader in flexible electronics, has secured $80 million of Series C funding (which is a type of funding that helps already successful companies to expand their business). This scale-up investment will be used to build a second FlexLogIC® fabrication facility in north-east England.

FlexLogIC is a fully automated fabrication line (or ‘fab’) capable of delivering billions of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) at a fraction of the capital investment and operating cost of a traditional silicon integrated circuit fab.

The purpose of the new facility is to meet soaring demand for ultra-low-cost FlexICs for the Internet of Things, as well as strengthen the position of the UK in its ambition to be a leading designer and manufacturer of next generation semiconductors.

‘Our FlexLogIC-002 fab will deliver significantly higher capacity than our first line,’ said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC Semiconductor. ‘In addition to supporting our continued commercial ramp, it provides a template for rolling out a distributed global network of FlexLogIC systems, offering a Fab-as-a-Service (FaaS) for dedicated production on major customer sites to enable efficient and secure semiconductor supply chains.’

PragmatIC’s development over the past few years has seen the launch of its flagship ConnectIC® product line of ultra-low-cost RFID FlexICs, which are thinner than a human hair and able to be invisibly embedded in a multitude of objects.

Designers can also create their own application-specific flexible devices using PragmatIC’s FlexIC Foundry® service at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional silicon circuits.

This year, the company demonstrated a significant improvement in the complexity and computing capability of non-silicon chips by producing flexible microprocessors. These include the iconic 6502 processor (which is credited for starting the personal computer revolution more than 40 years ago) and PlasticArm, an ultra-minimalist Arm® Cortex®-M0 based system-on-a-chip, which is 12 times more complex than previous state-of-the-art flexible electronics.

PlasticArm is the result of many years of collaboration between semiconductor IP leader Arm and PragmatIC, with Arm participating in this funding round.

‘Billions of everyday objects could benefit from being part of the Internet of Things, but to continue to scale sustainably we need to explore new approaches for embedding intelligence into everyday objects,’ said Dipesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Arm.

PragmatIC FlexLogIC fabrication line (© PragmatIC Semiconductor).

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