SURYS Expands Banknote Portfolio with New Security Threads

December 2020

SURYS, specialist in optical security technologies, is investing €3.5 million in new solutions, primarily for the banknote sector.

The company is now owned by the France state security printer and solutions provide IN Groupe. Around half of its turnover comes from products for passports and ID cards, demand for which in recent years was growing around 16% per year but which has now dropped due to the pandemic and reduced travel. Some 10% of turnover derives from currency products, and the company plans to increase this share with its investment over two years into new products and processes.

One of the results of this expansion can be seen already with the launch of two new security threads, adding to SURYS’ portfolio of foil patches for banknotes.

First is TriSTAR – which scooped the innovation award in the IHMA Excellence in Holography Awards earlier this month.

The patented TriSTAR technology, according to SURYS, combines traditional (ie. holographic) concepts and state-of-the-art technologies to improve the colour changing effects within the thread, creating a striking security feature that is easy to check and memorise.

These effects include a three-way vertical colour shift – when the TriSTAR thread is observed with an up and down movement, three reflective colours appear one by one, shifting from cold to warm colours and vice-versa.

They also include a colour change by rotation – so that when the thread is rotated from landscape to portrait view, the reflective colour changes from a cold to a warm colour.

In addition to the unique three-way and rotation colour shifts, TriSTAR can also be customed with magnetic features, see-through microtext and UV fluorescence, and is optimised for 2-3mm wide threads.

The three-way colour shifting effect of TriSTAR.

Second is Moov thread, which offers a combination of colour transformation and animation effects. The technology, which already appears as a patch on the new Sudanese 1,000 pound note issued earlier this year, is an extension of the company’s DID and Graphic Wave features, which provide two high diffractive registered colours at a reflection angle, as well as opposite dynamic effects when the note is tilted top to bottom.

The outstanding feature of the Moov thread is the two visible reflective colours which form a dual scheme in perfect registration. When the banknote is titled up and down, each reflective colour shows a dedicated dynamic animation.

The dynamic animation and reflective colours of Moov thread.

Furthermore, as with TriSTAR, the thread offers a rotational shift, in that when it is rotated from landscape to portrait view, the warm colour pair switch into a cold colour pair.

The uniqueness of this solution lies in the exceptional property of the colours and the finesse of the design features on a small surface, something that SURYS says has never been seen on the market before.

As with TriSTAR, the Moov thread can also include magnetic features, see-through microtext and UV fluorescence. It is optimised for 4-6mm wide threads.

In addition to currency, SURYS also has its eye on the authentication markets for vehicles and products with high added value such as French spirits.

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