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August 2020

Domino Acquires Lake Image Systems

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) – supplier of coding, marking and labelling solutions – has acquired Lake Image Systems, a leading producer of automated, vision-based inspection systems for quality control and data verification.

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July 2020


The CERTUS technology is specially designed to bridge the digital and physical worlds – as the CERTUS credential can either be in a digital format, or printed anytime, anywhere with no possibility for tampering.

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June 2020

SICPA and REYNDERS Partner to Fight Counterfeiting

SICPA and leading Belgian label printing company REYNDERS recently announced a new partnership to help strengthen brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts across Europe.

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May 2020

Personal Protection Equipment – New Market for Counterfeiters

As demand for masks, respirators, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to cope with COVID-19 outstrips supply, and with supply chains already stretched to breaking point, it is no wonder that medical supplies have become a new and very lucrative target for counterfeiters and grey marketeers.

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April 2020

SICPA Launches SICPASTAR Hot Stamp

SICPA – the global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions – recently announced the commercial launch of its SICPASTAR® Hot Stamp secure colour-shift solution, which provides enhanced security for plastic cards and high-value documents, including credit cards, birth certificates and vital records.

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March 2020

MIT Invents New Cryptographic Tag

Researcher at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a tiny millimetre sized, battery-free cryptographic ID chip small enough to fit on virtually any product and verify its authenticity.

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February 2020

Digital Security Printing with HP Indigo and Jura

Following the announcement of a collaboration between HP Indigo (HP) and Jura at last year’s Tax Stamp Forum in Budapest, HP and Jura held their first EMEA Security Summit on 31 January. The event attracted 80 security print professionals and included live print demonstrations of ‘never seen before’ digital high security features that could bring significant benefits to the security print market.

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January 2020

De La Rue Moves Forward with its Authentication Division

De La Rue, designer and commercial printer of banknotes and provider of authentication solutions, such as physical and digital tax stamp and authentication components has recently undergone a year of transition and streamlining. The company is now structured into two divisions, namely Currency and Authentication, each of which have new Managing Directors.

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