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October 2021

PragmatIC Semiconductor Secures $80 Million Funding

FlexLogIC is a fully automated fabrication line (or ‘fab’) capable of delivering billions of flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) at a fraction of the capital investment and operating cost of a traditional silicon integrated circuit fab.

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September 2021

De La Rue Announces Upgrade to Malta Site

The facility produces tax stamps, authentication labels, polycarbonate datapages for passports, and banknotes. This financial year, De La Rue will produce a total of over 14 billion secure documents at the Malta site.

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August 2021

Arizona’s Ballot Papers Will be as Secure as Banknotes

This initiative follows Finchem’s belief that election ballots should be as secure as US currency, so as to prevent the use of fake ballots. Arizona is currently the only state to have formally launched such an initiative, but several other states are now considering a similar move.

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July 2021

SPARK® – the Innovation Journey Continues to FLOW

The precursor to SPARK was OVI®, a colour-shifting ink feature developed by SICPA to prevent the counterfeiting of banknotes by colour copiers.

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June 2021

New Traffic Light Security Ink from GSI

mouveGSI comprises a combination of two UV-colours together with a long-lasting durable green afterglow effect, not previously known to the industry. In addition, the patent-pending feature-ink combines well-established UV images with phosphorescence and a moving effect of interchanging colours.

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May 2021

And Now It’s Baseball on the Blockchain

In the March 2021 issue of Authentication News®, we described how an art piece that only exists in digital form was sold at a Christie’s online auction for $69.3 million. The piece was created and sold through the ‘minting’ of a non-fungible token, or …

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April 2021

NFC Blockchain Technology to Connect Digital Data with Physical Item

Even when vetting processes are put in place to clear contributors, sources for blockchain data are often dependent on data carriers like QR codes.

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March 2021

Nanotech Launches LiveOptik PROTECT Security Foil

The security foil has been designed with input from channel partners and is offered as an in-stock wallpaper design in a bulk roll format. Channel partners can easily convert the foils into various finished offerings and market them directly to their customer base. Custom designs are also available.

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February 2021

Smartphones Make Smarter Holograms

Pete Smallwood, from Eltronis, illustrated the power of combining smartphone authentication with new holographic origination features in his paper ‘Physical and Digital – Combining the Best of Both Worlds for Robust Authentication’. 

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January 2021

A Load of (Coloured) Balls for Anti-Counterfeiting

In ancient Roman mythology, Janus was the two-faced god of transitions. Similarly, so-called Janus balls are microspheres that have two sides with distinct properties.

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December 2020

SURYS Expands Banknote Portfolio with New Security Threads

The company is now owned by the France state security printer and solutions provide IN Groupe.

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November 2020

Crane Launches New Business for Authentication

The technology utilises micro lenses to project a magnified version of microscopic finely printed images, causing them to appear hundreds of times larger than their actual size. The effect is one of dramatic movement of the magnified, 3D, images in a direction perpendicular to the angle of tilt – a counter-intuitive effect that is both easy to recognise and visually engaging.

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October 2020

Putting Your 3D Finger on a Biometric Security Solution

Research into biometric authentication, in which unique anatomical features provide secure recognition of a particular individual, has included the potential use of biophotonics and bioimaging techniques for some time, but the need for increased accuracy has always been a limiting factor.

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September 2020

Have Scientists Created a Pattern so Complicated It’s Impossible to Duplicate?

In a recently published open access paper ‘Optical micro-resonator arrays of fluorescence-switchable diarylethenes with unreplicable spectral fingerprints’, researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan offer the prospect of a pattern that, they say, is impossible to duplicate or forge; a feat that could help to defeat counterfeiters.

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August 2020

Domino Acquires Lake Image Systems

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) – supplier of coding, marking and labelling solutions – has acquired Lake Image Systems, a leading producer of automated, vision-based inspection systems for quality control and data verification.

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July 2020


The CERTUS technology is specially designed to bridge the digital and physical worlds – as the CERTUS credential can either be in a digital format, or printed anytime, anywhere with no possibility for tampering.

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June 2020

SICPA and REYNDERS Partner to Fight Counterfeiting

SICPA and leading Belgian label printing company REYNDERS recently announced a new partnership to help strengthen brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts across Europe.

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May 2020

Personal Protection Equipment – New Market for Counterfeiters

As demand for masks, respirators, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to cope with COVID-19 outstrips supply, and with supply chains already stretched to breaking point, it is no wonder that medical supplies have become a new and very lucrative target for counterfeiters and grey marketeers.

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April 2020

SICPA Launches SICPASTAR Hot Stamp

SICPA – the global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions – recently announced the commercial launch of its SICPASTAR® Hot Stamp secure colour-shift solution, which provides enhanced security for plastic cards and high-value documents, including credit cards, birth certificates and vital records.

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March 2020

MIT Invents New Cryptographic Tag

Researcher at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a tiny millimetre sized, battery-free cryptographic ID chip small enough to fit on virtually any product and verify its authenticity.

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February 2020

Digital Security Printing with HP Indigo and Jura

Following the announcement of a collaboration between HP Indigo (HP) and Jura at last year’s Tax Stamp Forum in Budapest, HP and Jura held their first EMEA Security Summit on 31 January. The event attracted 80 security print professionals and included live print demonstrations of ‘never seen before’ digital high security features that could bring significant benefits to the security print market.

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January 2020

De La Rue Moves Forward with its Authentication Division

De La Rue, designer and commercial printer of banknotes and provider of authentication solutions, such as physical and digital tax stamp and authentication components has recently undergone a year of transition and streamlining. The company is now structured into two divisions, namely Currency and Authentication, each of which have new Managing Directors.

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