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Authentication News® is a comprehensive information source that focuses on authentication and supply chain strategies and technologies for, document security, brand protection and personal identification.

Authentication News comprises 12 issues per year, each including news and features on technologies, information on case studies and successful applications, interviews with key figures who are supplying or using authentication technologies, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis to give you the inside track on the key players and on winning strategies and technologies for protecting documents, products and people against counterfeiting, fraud and identity theft.

What Authentication News Covers

  • Authentication products and systems
  • Next generation technologies – digital, electronic, 3D, AI, nano, serialisation, track and trace
  • Document and brand protection markets and applications
  • Contracts and case studies
  • Company news and finance
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Counterfeit statistics and seizures

Who Should Read Authentication News

  • Developers and suppliers of authentication technologies and systems
  • R&D, scientific and technical development organisations
  • Security document issuers and printers
  • Brand owners
  • Security system and technology integrators
  • Packaging, converting and labelling companies
  • Investigative and enforcement firms

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  • Expert Commentary and Analysis
    Helps you fast-track your development of anti-counterfeiting strategies
  • Unique Focus on Authentication
    Lets you pinpoint emerging markets and trends
  • Market Intelligence
    Allows you to monitor the performance of your competitors and identify potential partners
  • Independent and Objective
    Cuts through the spin to give you the inside angle on the market and on the winning technologies and strategies
  • Full Contact Details
    On all featured companies and technologies – enabling you to source suppliers, partners and customers

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September 2020

Have Scientists Created a Pattern so Complicated It’s Impossible to Duplicate?

In a recently published open access paper ‘Optical micro-resonator arrays of fluorescence-switchable diarylethenes with unreplicable …

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August 2020

Domino Acquires Lake Image Systems

Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) – supplier of coding, marking and labelling solutions – has acquired …

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July 2020


The CERTUS technology is specially designed to bridge the digital and physical worlds – as …

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