SICPA and REYNDERS Partner to Fight Counterfeiting

June 2020

SICPA and leading Belgian label printing company REYNDERS recently announced a new partnership to help strengthen brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts across Europe. The partnership will deliver innovative label solutions to companies at a time when counterfeiting and fraud are reaching all-time highs.

Jean-Yves Ray, Group Marketing Director of SICPA said: ‘fast and reliable authentication of genuine products is essential to safeguarding revenues, reputations and maintaining consumer confidence. We’re delighted to partner with REYNDERS to bring our latest security solution, QUAZAR®, to the European market and provide companies with a unique, counterfeit-proof marking that makes it easy for consumers to identify authentic products.’

Quazar was launched last year (see AN November 2019) and is a practical security label solution that can be used to authenticate pharmaceutical products, electronic and automotive components, apparel, food and spirits, and other high-end consumer products.

The labels can include tamper-evidence, secure 2D codes, as well as covert and forensic security features and can be easily integrated and applied on a wide range of packaging substrates. Manufactured using proprietary technologies, the labels can be designed to feature visible messages, company logos or motifs that appear and disappear when the labels are tilted, motifs that turn on and off, or embedded text that can be revealed or hidden. The labels can be produced on various types of paper substrate as well as on PVC, PET and BOPP.

When further security checks are required by customs officials or inspectors using handheld devices, or involving certified analysis by specialised laboratories, QUAZAR optical labels can incorporate additional security properties at semi-covert, covert and forensic levels.

Marc Reynders, CEO of REYNDERS, said: ‘we are very pleased with the exclusive collaboration with SICPA. It’s a next step in our ambition to strengthen and diversify our extensive product portfolio of security labels. Right now, we’re seeing an increasing need for quick and simple identification of genuine products in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, where counterfeit scams are rampant and consumer health is an absolute priority.’

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