Smartphone Authentication of Currency with ValiCash™

December 2021

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions (K&B BNS) has launched ValiCash, an app that not only identifies high security documents, but authenticates them too, giving either a ‘Pass’ or a ‘Fail’ response almost instantaneously.

Some years ago, K&B BNS launched ‘Sound of Intaglio’ – an authentication technology that uses image processing to validate banknotes based on interrogating intaglio print. This technology was originally used for forensic intelligence and examinations, but was also made available for banknote authentication at the point of sale (PoS). K&B BNS continued to work on the technology and has now taken it further by enabling its use in an app on mobile devices.

As launched, the app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple AppStore and works on iOS systems 14 and all releases after 2015. This initial launch version recognises only euro banknotes.

The app solution captures the document image and processes it. It looks at the high security print methodology used and authenticates based on that – intaglio, some types of holograms and OVI/OVMI. The verification system is predominantly carrying out, without AI and machine learning, a structural analysis of the intaglio and more generally an analysis of specific optical characteristics of high security printing processes.

Intaglio is a traditional and highly secured security feature with no counterfeiting in the cash cycle. Therefore, it is the perfect feature for machine-readable without modifying or hiding special features in the design or using special inks, says K&B BNS.

Work started on bringing this app to the market about a year ago. Phase 1 is what has just launched, and K&B BNS is working on enabling it for additional devices and more currencies. A version suitable for Android models will follow.

K&B BNS do not see an issue with maintaining the app as software upgrades and phone model releases, since self-adapting algorithms can make this a relatively straightforward task.

Since the solution does not rely on specific inks, hidden features or the design of the banknote, it can authenticate any high security printed document. It can be adapted for tax stamps, birth certificates etc., so long as they are security printed and ideally contained intaglio print.

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